Danielle Saudino New York and Seattle Based Jewelry Designer

Danielle Saudino is a native New Yorker. After graduating from CMU, she moved overseas for eight years to live in New Zealand, Brasil, and Southeast Asia. She worked at the Tiffany Flagship, then started her own business as a gem dealer and jewelry designer. In 2018, Danielle partnered with Asher Freeman of Freeman Jewelry, where she continues to source rare gems and design jewelry. 

Asher Freeman Kiwi Jewelry Designer

Backed by 19 years of industry experience, Asher Freeman launched Freeman Jewelry in 2013. After completing a Diploma of Goldsmithing with high distinction at Peter Minturn’s Goldsmith School, Asher began crafting bespoke jewelry for a high-end boutique in Auckland’s CBD. Now with his own company, he is guided by values of quality, distinctive design and personal service.

Originally from Finland, Henri Ruut moved to Seattle 5 years ago. He has a BA in Jewelry & Object Design from Finland and 15 years of experience working as a goldsmith. Henri enjoys every part of the jewelry making process be it technical or design. He values excellence and quality in his work and hopes to create heirloom-quality jewelry that lives on for centuries. Henri enjoys the thrill of adventure and spending time with his family. 

Maria Bray, of The North Way Studio, is a photographer, stylist, and goldsmith hidden away in Washington state. She weaves ephemeral lore with ethical golds and natural jewels to create talismans that hearken back to another time and place. 


Ambreen Tyeb-Daud was born and raised in India. She went to school for Economics and Marketing. Ambreen fell in love with jewelry at her own wedding ceremony. When she moved to Seattle she enrolled in jewelry making classes and continued pursuing her passion. In her free time she likes watching movies with her family, venturing outdoors within reason, sewing and napping.

Leni Markins left their home state of Texas at age 18 when they joined the US Air force as a Korean linguist. After travelling for 12 years, through 3 countries and 5 states, they decided to make their home in Seattle. Leni values accessibility and positive customer experiences. They strive to create beautiful jewelry through meticulous hard work and time-tested practices. Leni enjoys printmaking, learning new jewelry-making skills and tending to their menagerie of dogs, frogs, gecko and snakes.