Everyone who "goes viral" remembers the life-changing moment it happened. For us, it was an already-exciting day in January 2019. Ash was visiting from New Zealand, and I (Danielle) had met him at the airport. We boarded a flight to San Francisco to visit a beloved client. 

While we were mid-air, a young woman on the other side of the world put music to an eighteen-second video of our Golden Snitch Ring Box. By the time the plane landed, we'd received hundreds of emails. Swiftly, it escalated to thousands. Over the following weeks, our ring box reached over 36 million views across social media channels. It was powerful and life-changing, and inspired us to create our licensed Harry Potter line.

Close top view of officially licensed Harry Potter Golden Snitch Ring box in solid 14k yellow gold in a white gloved hand. Inscription on ring box reads, “I Open at the Close.” Also available in gold plated sterling silver and platinum.

We are first and foremost fine jewelers. This collection is audacious - we've applied our high standards of luxury craftsmanship to a rich, realistic collection for the Wizarding World. And all of it is made right here in our Seattle studio.