Harry Potter™

Luna's Wand Necklace

$225 USD

“Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the ways we expect.”   - Luna Lovegood

This miniature wand pendant is 50mm long, but filled with intricate detail. Our metal options include sterling silver and solid gold. All of our metals are nickel-free, and we use recycled metals whenever possible. Every piece is hand crafted in our Seattle studio. 

A word about our Wand Necklaces- Since the beginning of our collection, Asher and Danielle have disagreed about the size of the bales on our pieces. (What is a bale, you ask? It's the little loop at the top of the wand, which the chain goes through.) Danielle wanted the bales big enough for chains to be easily changed, and Asher felt that the bales should be as small as possible for the most seamless look. Well, your voices were heard, and Danielle finally won this argument. These are the last of our pieces with small bales, which are every bit as perfect as our updated styles, and arguably the prettiest pendants we'll ever make, but the chain must be added by a jeweler. Please buy a chain at the same time. Our Sample Sale items are final sale, and not subject to our warranty. 

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